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to pay for music that you downloaded. >>> and good evening. i'm jeff ranieri live in san jose. the 23rd annual film festival where the red carpet is starting to get busy. coming up, actor ryan miriam, the star of "dose of reality." >>> san jose police are still looking for the driver who hit and killed a woman overnight. the deadly hit-and-run happened on monterey road and bellevue. they say the woman was crossing the road when she was hit. a dark colored vehicle never even attempted to stop. the driver took off on southbound monterey. it may have been a honda accord. the woman killed was in her late 40s but her identity has yet to be released. >>> a close call as a crane toppled over at a construction site. the crane was being used on frances street. the 75-foot crane was lowering some metal when it fell over. tha thankfully no one was hurt. a four-story apartment complex with ground floor retail space is being built on the site of the old shopping center. >>> if you download from itunes you may have money coming from apple. >> reporter: tomorrow apple is set to meet with investors. me
, it's san francisco, just a gorgeous day, but changes are just around the corner. jeff ranieri will tell us when we can expect more showers. >> nor and december, major rain then in 2013, less than an inch of rain here for most of the east bay and also the south bay. it's dry right now, but as we zoom out on the satellite radar picture, you can clearly see the dee fined cold front sitting off shore at 800 miles. the center of the storm is way off to the north. that means we are going to be spared to heaviest rain. we will get in on rain drops here, as early as tomorrow moshing. we will have cloud cover increasing across the north bay and as we head throughout 6:00 a.m., the best shots are marin, san francisco and san mateo counties for those commuters you will get the rain drops first. here are the wintry highlights after 70s this time last week, we are going to see temperatures 5 to 8 degrees below average. and some re low rain snow mix. we will let you know which city across the bay area may actually get a rain snow mix down at the lower elevations. we are talking 2-500 feet.
broke records today. jeff ranieri is here to tell us which city was the hottest. >> good afternoon to you guys, not terribly disruptive outside. sunshine being enjoyed. and one of the warmest temperatures was near 80. that is unheard of this time of the year. gilroy topping out at 79, we could hit 80 if we warm up another degree in the next hour. san rafael 76. and one of the records so far, napa with 71. that is besting the old record. let's go outside to the live sky camera network. the other problem is the haze. we are at moderate levels of air quality and pollen in the high category. it has been enjoyable and a lot of you are suffering from a headache, watry eyes and maybe coughing again with the poor air quality. we will get rainfall in here and we need it. look at this, 2013, the driest on record for january and february for these cities. that first column, that is it, that is all you have had since january first with rain there in napa, less than 10% of the rain that you should have for this date now in february. so, we need the rain, we are going to get that coming up in th
signs were ignored. >>> and good evening. i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. we did track low to mid-70s across the bay area. look at the radar right now. we have some rain off to the north. what this means for our forecast tonight and tomorrow morning coming up in just a few minutes. >>> now to a story you'll see only on nbc bay area. their lives have never been the same. their husbands both killed by a co-worker at the lehigh cement quarry in 2011. tonight the widows and their children are suing lehigh claiming the company it did not react to warning signs about the killer. nbc bay area's damian trujillo is live at the courthouse where the families say they are seeking justice. damian? >> reporter: a judge already looked at this wrongful death claim filed by the families and decided to let this case proceed. three men were killed that day. today we spoke with two of their families. >> it has been very very -- very difficult time. it's like -- it's like been an empty hole. >> reporter: it's been almost 17 minutes since they lost their husbands. >> it's been really h
'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. temperatures dropping in the bay. 48 in san francisco and 46 in napa. clouds tomorrow is going to cap off some of the poor air quality. we'll talk more about some big changes this week coming up in a few minutes. you can't move the tv there. yuh-huh. we have a wireless receiver. listen. back in my day, there was no u-verse wireless receiver that let you move the tv away from the tv outlet. we can move it to the kitchen, the patio, the closet and almost anywhere. why would you want a tv in the closet? [ both laugh ] ♪ [ fancy voice ] brilliant idea, darling. ♪ [ female announcer ] the wireless receiver. get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and internet. rethink possible. as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios ♪ the one and only, cheerios >>> a popular local airline is spreading its wings. virgin america will begin flying from san jose to l.a. the airline will offer four nonstop flights to l.a.x. can beginning may 1. they hope t
. >>> and good evening. i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. we are tracking large changes, not only the cooldown today but eventually showers in the seven-day forecast. and we do want to update you after this large pacific earthquake, an 8.0 in the solomon islands. there is no west coast tsunami warning. we'll have details if anything changes on that coming up. >>> have you filled up this week? yes, gas prayers are higher again. in fact, they're heading for record territory. the average for a gallon of gas in california is now $3.93. that's a whopping 32 cents more than it was just a month ago. kris sanchez joins us live from san jose. what's the reason for the price tag this time? >> reporter: well, jessica, there are a lot of different reasons, they are very frustrated. they say they're used to paying higher gas prices here in california and they are also used to paying more for that summer blend of gas that is more expensive but we're transitioning to now. 32 cents in one month is pretty frustrating. >> i think it's outrageous. >> reporter: watching the gas prices go up
'll show it to you. plus -- >>> and good evening. i'm jeff ranieri live in san francisco. did you ring in 2013 but want a new chance to drum to a new beat? you're in luck. the chinese new year is just over a day away. we'll talk about this major celebration and how you can get in on it. plus, that weather forecast coming up in just a few minutes. doing a good job over there. >>> an update over developing news. our chopper was over the scene as firefighters work to rescue two people clinging to a capsized sailboat in the san francisco bay. this all played out about two miles from the runway at sfo. firefighters say they managed to rescue both people onboard and say injuries do not appear to be life threatening. >> it's going to be close, very close. all eyes and telescopes are pointed to space when an asteroid weighing 130,000 metric tons will marrowly miss the earth. nbc bay area's joe rosato jr. shows us why scientists say it's going to be remarkable. >> reporter: you may be wondering exactly what a grocery store has to do with a large asteroid hurling through space. this exciting pie
adds up to the true cost of competing at the highest level. >>> good evening, i'm jeff ranieri live in the weather center. here is the problem. only ten rain days in the south bay in all of 2013. rain in the seven day forecast. we'll have that for you coming up this hour. >>> cut budgets have reignited debates. the question is, is the price of competing in big time sports at the university of california hurting the academic bougttom line? >> critics say yes and they point at uc berkeley as the example. teamed up with the investigative reporting program in certificse answers. >> raj, jessica, all across cal berkel berkeley's campus budgets are being cut because they are not funding the school like they used to. >> one department has seen it increase in this budget, athletics. this budget has nearly doubled in less than a decade and that has some on the academic side crying foul. >> it's a program out of control. >> an athletics program that the doctor says fwrgrows while her research suffers. >> reporter: patterns that she says she can no longer accomplish. >> so i passed on being an
evening. i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. we're tracking this cold winter blast across the bay area. that was good enough to drop temperatures to 28 in santa rosa. also 31 in livermore with 34. numbers dropping into the 40s across the peninsula. 49 now in palo alto. we'll let you know how cold it will get in a few minutes. >>> also, say cheese. it's picture day at spring training. some of the giants have a whole new look. >>> and then first in the nation. how stanford is once again setting itself apart from other universities. >> reporter: i'm kimberly tere live in san jose where security cameras in cars are becoming more popular and not just for the obvious reasons. that story coming up. >>> private eyes are watching you. the bay area seeing an increase in the number of personal surveillance cameras. we're talking about on everything from front porches to dashboards and the reasons vary. kimberly terre is live with the details for us. kimberly? >> reporter: jessica, police, as you know, have been using dash cams for years to record their traffic stops, but now more peo
'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. some gusty winds today. some of the highest near the coastline. point reyes and san francisco at 26. that wind helping us to warm up into the upper 60s. widespread 70s and when that returns. >>> a troubling report about those popular ikea meatballs. officials say they found horse meat in the chain's famous frozen meatballs, found in frozen meatballs made in sweden and then shipped to the czech republic. they were sold in 13 other k countries across europe. ikea says they pulled the tainted meatballs from the shelves and that no other shipments were affected. none of those made it to the united states, according to ikea. >>> eating a mediterranean diet can help prevent heart disease. those at risk for heart attack or stroke, those who stuck to a mediterranean diet were 30% less likely to develop heart disease. those who consumed fish in a low fat diet. it's even more effective than many medications, it seems. it encourages fresh fruits, fib, olive oil and wine and steers clear of red meat and processed foods. >>> this one is all abou
's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. it's kind of nice, rain, snow and sunshine. >> definitely everything here on the weather boards. the cold front associated with it has moved through and we're tracking this upper area of low-pressure system that's going to bring some some showers and potentially some thunderstorms. off to the north here of santa rosa we are detecting several lightning strikes and that's a sign of that instability that will be lingering over the next six to 12 hours. let's get a look at the rainfall totals. it's varied widely here. richmond 0.24 and then you've got san francisco at 0.10 and lesser amounts down into parts of the south bay. so here we go. tonight there's that rain we expect from the upper level area of low pressure that's going to push to the south as we head throughout 9:00 p.m., so expect another wave of wet weather as we head throughout this evening. we're also talking low snow for tomorrow morning. snow levels could drop as low as 2,000 feet. we'll let you know who could get a rain/snow mix coming up a little later on in the weather forecas
just ahead. >>> and good evening. i'm jeff ranieri in the weather center. temperatures dropping quickly this hour. low to mid-50s throughout the tri-valley and 54 in san jose. we could hit 32 degrees for tomorrow morning coming up in 15 minutes. >>> if your commute seems to be getting longer, copper wire thieves may be to blame. a live look at traffic along interstate 280 in san jose. caltrans says they are causing millions of dollars in damage across the bay area and creating commuting headaches. jodi hernandez is live in castro valley. jodi, that area has been hit really hard, too. >> reporter: it really has, jessica. i'm standing at the entrance of highway 238 and 580 in castro valley. now these metering light message signs should be lit up at this hour but, as you can see, they are dark. it's all because of copper thieves. those copper crooks are causing commuters some major driving delays. you're looking at a scene that's become all too common in the bay area. crews working to replace and repair copper wiring along bay area highways. caltrans and its workers can barely keep up. >>
meteorologist jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center with the time line. we have the cold. when does the rain come in? >> over the next 12 hours we'll see this rain developing here across the bay area. slow to start here but we are seeing a few showers across the north bay right now. it's not overly heavy. as we stop and put a doppler scan on this, a lot is so light it's not even touching the ground. some verga happening on the highway, the 101 corridor. you can't rule out a shower near petaluma. a first look at the time line here. we have a little bit of drizzle across the bay. what we're going to notice is by 11:00 tonight a few spotty showers may be possible for the santa cruz mountains and cloud cover. we'll see that more consistent rainfall and push down across the bay as we head through about 9:00, 10:00, and 11:00 for tomorrow morning. we're going to talk more coming up not only about the rain but the cold and the extremely low snow and how long all of this lasts coming up in the full forecast. >> jeff, we'll see you shortly. >>> it was a deadly holiday weekend for one hiker w
that became quasi heroes for doing the right thing. >>> and good evening. i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center tracking this storm for tonight. we've had it all -- lightning, hail, low snow. more rain across the santa cruz mountains. we'll let you know how long that will stick around. if you're curious about how much rainfall we have had, anywhere from a quarter to over a half inch in the castro valley. >>> a valentine's day surprise that didn't come in a blue box or a vase. instead it came in a camera case. joe rosato jr. shows us there are more than just valuable memories inside. >> there's me. >> reporter: like so many other couples on valentine's day, carlos and barbara were looking for a little romance. >> it was valentine's day, february 14th. and my husband says, let's go to san francisco. >> reporter: so last thursday the vallejo couple drove to the golden gate bridge. but among their snapshots of that outing are the curious photos of barbara and carlos posing with an abandoned camera bag they found that day at vista point. >> i stood right in front of the bag so nobody
dry stretch. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri joins us now with the rain timeline. good evening, jeff. >> good evening to you, raj. it really is unbelievable when you think about november and december and how much rain we picked up here across the bay area. some 5 to 10 inches. and then for all of 2013, we've only seen an inch or less of rain from the north bay to the south bay. you can see the area we're focused in on for the best chance of our rainfall for tomorrow morning is still about 207 offshore. eventually, this will move in for that morning commute. and it looks like those of you in the north bay right now will be in the first zone of those raindrops as we head into 6:00 a.m. it's going to be slow to move to the south bay, but it will be bringing rainfall to everyone here. not only that, but wintry conditions up across the sierra. we'll also talk about the chance here of some very low snow across the bay area, and who might get a rain/snow mix down on the valley floor, coming up in few minutes. >> we'll see you shortly. >>> it is a troubling time for 49ers, and it has little
-996-tips. >>> eye-opening report. >>> let's turn things over to jeff ranieri. boy, it started off cold today, but it got nicer in the afternoon, jeff. >> it sure did. a 25 to 35 degree jump for parts of the bay area. one of the largest down in the south bay with 67 in gilroy. south san jose 65. walnut creek also at 65. if you would like the 67 in the south bay today, it's going to get even warmer here by thursday. we are forecasting some low 70s just 36 days until spring officially arrives. a look right now on the current temperatures. and we do have plenty of low to mid-40s down in the south bay. 38 in napa and 39 in novato. where the temperatures are dropping off to the coldest levels, that's where we're finding fog developing. it's not too bad right now. six miles and/or less in santa rosa. but for tomorrow morning looks like the patchy fog at 2 miles and/or less would be confined right here to the north bay. let's take you live outside in the hd sky camera network. more of the poor air quality in the south bay, and then right up into emeryville, looking towards san francisco. and i
begin with joint chief meteorologist jeff ranieri from the weather center. what happens tomorrow morning? >> the temperatures continuing to drop. right now we are tracking temperatures that feel like the 20s out here. let's get a look at that radar and that storm system we dealt with today is now pushed well off to the south. so mainly dry and also clearing conditions. and that is doing this to those temperatures. winds out of the northwest 5 to 15 miles per hour. making it feel like 36 in napa. 34 in novato, and 32 in fairfield. but you zoom into the east bay, and it feels like the mid-20s here from walnut creek down to pleasanton. this will likely also produce a few areas of ice back into the east bay and also the north bay hills, making it dangerous for tomorrow. the top three coldest spots we are honing in on would be santa rosa, livermore, and also los gatos. if you're heading out tomorrow morning, the best tip for you would be to wear those layers and also give your car plenty of time to warm up. we're going to let you know who could go down to 29 degrees coming up in my full forec
? tonight and tomorrow. let's bring in our meteorologist jeff ranieri with the first look. jeff. >> whield and extreme changes no doubt across california over the past 24 to 36 hours and many of you woke up to temperatures in the 20s across the interior valley. santa rosa with 28, napa 29, and livermore at 31 and san jose getting down to the mid 30s. what we have happening is on much cold air, the jet stream pushing to the south and the overnight chill is not going anywhere. by 11:00 p.m. tonight, temperatures will be in the 30s and 6:00 a.m. tomorrow, we will expect low to mid 30s in the interior valleys of the north bay. we will detail how long the cold nights will last and what our chances will be of any kind of rainfall in the seven-day forecast coming up. >> see you in a bit, thank you, jeff. construction crews cut in a gas line this morning causing a san francisco neighborhood to evacuate, it happened at the corner of 24th and bryant street. in the mission district. pg&e was at the scene. pg&e had to dig up the area around the line to turn off the gas and stop the leak. it took them
for what's going dob a very cold night. jeff ranieri has the very latest. jeff, what a change all of a sudden. >> a huge wakeup for a lot of us. some of you may not have wanted it, but others are saying finally, rain drops across the a area. this time last week, we did have showers. now dropping all the way to the upper 40s and low 50s for daytime highs. we had the wave of energy this morning. the cold front pushing to the south. now you can see the next batch on the top of your screen. that is this is upper level area of low pressure ha has a lot of the instability and already produced lightning strikes off to the north. we cannot rule out a few lightning strikes for tonight even right here across the area. you can see this batch here of areas of rainfall offshore. what we're going to find is scattered areas of rain that will continue in the forecast throughout tonight. we're tracking this one here over the next hour. it is expected to move into the san francisco peninsula with moderate to heavy pockets of rainfall. it might be a scenario where you'll be driving tonight and it is
in chief meteorologist jeff ranieri from the nbc bay area weather center with more. jeff? >> 13 days since our last major rain across the bay area, and for that matter, we haven't seen much of anything in 2013. satellite radar picture tonight look like a storm is coming. you can see very clear conditions across the greater bay area but we zoom out and the area i'm focusing in on is 334 miles away. that is the zone with the cold front that will eventually bring us our first rain drops again in 13 days. now let's take a look. tonight that increasing cloud cover throughout san mateo and san francisco counties and then for tomorrow morning as we zoom in, it's that area there in the north bay, napa, morin, sonoma county. anyone traveling from santa rosa down to san francisco will get those rain drops first. we are tracking not only the rain but some extremely low snow. we'll let you know who could see snow down to potentially the valley floor coming up on friday's forecast in just a few minutes. >> okay, jeff, we'll see you shortly. did you know him? did you see him? these are questions the sfp
a local police department so long to honor a fallen officer. >> i'm jeff ranieri in the bay area "weather center." a lot of hazy sunshine. some of the worst air quality in the north, central and also the east bay. what we need is rain to wash this out. none on the radar. we'll let you know when that moves in coming up in just a few minutes. an east bay deli is back in business after a norovirus outbreak forced to temporarily shut its doors. on monday, the contracostas county health department received calls from goz dozens of people who got sick after eating an event catered by the north park deli in concord. health inspects are determined at twleest employees had the virus. the inspectors say the people who prepared the food for the event did not follow proper hand washing procedures. today after inspection and a refresher course on hand washing the deli was allowed to reopen. >> and this is my livelihood. this is everything for me and my family. and for our customers to show their support and come back, it means so much to me. >> the owner of the deli says the employee who's had the vir
less expensive and more convenient. >> and good evening. i'm jeff ranieri live at at&t park. we are right on a transformed center field. it has nothing to do with spring training. we'll explain why we're here and how we're going to be spreading a little bit of love for tonight coming up in a few minutes. plus that weather forecast. counselors will be on hand when classes resume tomorrow at hillside elementary to help students who want to talk about the killing that took place on their campus last night. deputies rond responded to a 911 call and found a young man on the school field dying from a gunshot wound. he did later pass away. the alameda county sheriff's office hasn't confirmed his i.d. but they're looking whether he was shot over a game of dice. for parents, the entire situation is unnerving. >> i think there's drug sales going on. i think some gang members walking up and down the street. it just doesn't look like a nice area. i know if you look up in the next block, there's a lot of gang writing on the wall and stuff. >> the school was shut down today so investigators c
's toxic secret and how it's been going on for decades. >> and good evening. i'm jeff ranieri in the bay area "weather center." plenty of sunshine today. temperatures close to 70 degrees. san rafael with 67, napa also at 63. quite a bit of pollen. we'll let you know the latest on the pollen forecast for tomorrow coming up in just a few minutes. >>> new tonight, lawmakers are now demanding a senate investigation after our report which exposed flaws at the department of toxic substances control. >> that's the state agency charged with protecting our health and environment from toxic waste. .investigative reporter vicky nguyen first revealed the allegations last night and joins us now with more on this breaking story. >> jess and raj, this letter went to debbie rafael this morning from the chair of the senate appropriations committee. in it state senator kevin day leon says he's asked for an investigation into the allegations we exposed. he says "it's disturbing to see current employees feel compelled to mask their i'd sit out of fear of retaliation or disgusting dtsc enforcement practices.
in charge. >>> and good evening. i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. mrent they of extremes in the weather department this week. right now temperatures close to 70 degrees in gilroy with 67 and here we go again, a system off to the north. we'll track our chances of drizzle for tonight coming up in a few minutes. >>> the california national guard members used its highest ranking officer of failing to address a disturbing culture. >> david baldwin avoided answering questions on the matter before and after a series of investigations with our sister station out of los angeles. tony kovaleski, the general is talking and he's not happy with what you've been reporting. >> reporter: i think that's fair, jess, and he's not happy with members of his own guard questioning what they've labelled as a toxic culture. he declined our interview request but we told general baldwin to expect our cameras and our questions. he found both in san francisco. joel baldwin? tony can kovaleski. do you have a few minutes to talk with us. >> we can walk down to the h hotel. >> reporter: members of his l
' star's make over has the social media world buzzing. >> and good afternoon, i'm jeff ranieri in san francisco, where ancient chinese artifacts being restored. we will have more on that and the ever changing forecast in a few minutes. >> we have developing news to pass along, our nbc chopper is above the scene, if you look closely, you see a sail boat down below, that 20-foot sail boat capsized a couple miles east of sfo, east of the run way. south san francisco fire rescued two people that were clinging to the side of the boat. thankfully both people are okay, they were rescued and those people are okay. >> a blizzard is pounding the northeast at this hour, dumping what could be record snowfall and it's crippling air travel across the country. a live look at new york times square, you can see the snow falling. nearly 5,000 flights cancelled across the country. including 60 out of sfo, we have a look at what travelers can expect this weekend? >> well, travels can expect delays here this weekend. some passengers arrived to find that their flight is not just delayed a few hours but a f
for same sex couples in the military. >> good afternoon, i'm jeff ranieri, a lot of sunshine on the monday, and still conditions in the atmosphere, air quality will suffer tomorrow. and and we will track a cold start for tuesday. >>> the defense department announced today, it's te-- it's extending benefits to same sex partners. and it will give partners access to on base services. leon panetta stopped short of offering full benefits but gay rights groups say it's a step. >> what is the focus of the speech and who is on the guest list? the state of the union speech tomorrow will focus on getting jobs for the middle class. he will urge congress to prevent automatic spending cuts that are looming next month. mr. obama will discuss reducing the nation's benefits. and as for vips, the first lady will sit with the mother of a young girl that was gunned down. and tim cook, and a nasa employee known as mohawk guy, there he is. he gained the nickname with the launch of the mars rover, curiosity. you can watch the state of the union dress tomorrow at 5:45. >> the governor of texas is making big clai
-year poilt project. let's bring in jeff ranieri. we have been talking this week of weather guilt around here because everyone else in the country is not having it as good as we do. >> a bit of that happening here. with plenty of sunshine and temperatures about five to ten degrees above our averages and rare winter warmth. close to 70 in february. that is unheard of. mill valley at 67 and gilroy 67 and you thought this was warm? as we go lew the week, with we were forecasting 70s. last time we had weather this warm, it would have been november 15th. three months since temperatures surged up to these levels. once we hit the 70s, it will be above our average. current numbers dropping to the upper 50s and low 60s. let's go outside. while it has been sunny the other component is the haze. it's visible on the sky camera right now. and then as we take you up here to san francisco and this view from oakland looking back towards sf and you can see all of the haze in the atmosphere as well. it's at moderate levels, that air quality, you have that pollen that is up there as well that is factored into a
was gorgeous. >> only in the bay area. >> i know. jeff ranieri, it was gorgeous. >> just looks perfect, maybe bronze on top of it and leave it with a permanent structure. with working keys, you never know. here in the weather department, forget winter, it felt like spring. one of the warmest, walnut creek 70, santa rosa 68 and san jose 67, looks as if we are going to keep this mild stretch of weather here to friday. walnut creek expecting to go up a bit. not a whole lot. but great weather as we go to the end of the work week. that said, ten degrees above the average as we go to friday. temperatures are cooling off. let's go to the sky camera network and on this mid week forecast, the sky cameras, no other better way to tell you what is happening than this view right now. we have the haze back across the foothills of the valley, but clear directly above, now let's move up to the north, you can see in oakland, we have the moderate air quality, it looks in l.a. for some part tofs bay area. when it comes to the air quality, it's a familiar scene in the pollen and the moderate levels that get trap
, how other folks are reacting coming up. >> and good afternoon, i'm jeff ranieri, dramatic drop in temperatures for today from 79 in gilroy on friday to 53 today and san francisco from 71 to 51, not toonly the cold blast, but e rain as well. >> for the 32nd day in a row, gas prices went up and the pain at the pump will not let up any time soon. let's go to san jose with the ripple effect and the forecast that has most of us frustrated for what is ahead. take it away. >> reporter: hi there, raj, a lot of kids here in the bay area have this week off. it is ski week or winter break. but chances are they are not going to get to go anywhere because the higher gas prices mean that it is more expensive to get away and to get to work. appears she watches gas prices go up past $4 a gallon, michelle drew and her husband are looking to sell her car to buy a more fuel efficient one like hers. >> we can put $20 in my car and it lasts but $20 in his car, you drive somewhere and back it's in the. >> reporter: every night time he drives to his night job after his day job at a cost of $40 round
into a treasure. >> and good afternoon. i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc weather center. we are tracking an earthquake in the south bay. five miles to the northeast of morgan hill and also san martin. we're tracking aftershocks. we'll let you know about that in the next half hour. i'll have full seven day in just a few minutes. >> just in the past hour we learned one of the victims in a fiery shootout and crash on the vegas strip is an oakland native and rapper kenny kush. the incident began with an argue at a casino. police say someone in a black range rover opened fire on a silver masarati, killing the rapper. >> it traveled through what we believe was a red light at a high rate of speed, striking several vehicles. one of those vehicles was a local cab that also caught on fire as a result of the impact. >> the driver of the cab and his passenger were also killed. six people were hurt. as for the range rover, it got away. the manhunt is on in three states. investigators hope to learn more about the shootout from video cameras along the strip. this is the fifth crime since december and third just this
. >> let's turn it over to jeff ranieri as we head to the weekend, changing forecast. >> definitely, winds 15-30 miles an hour at the coastline and that is translating to a breezy condition as well, and that will stay if place tomorrow, so, the biggest related kenner is the pollen, the allergy forecast, this is not looking to get better. not even by the end of the weekend. we will need rainfall to improve that. current temperatures dropping off to 39, and 46 in santa rosa and 43 in san jose, and 43 in sunnyvale, let's go to the hd sky camera network. for a quick look here. and it is clear. but we have a bit of a onshore flow and cloud cover. this that will bring us patchy fog for the morning hours. as we look at the current pattern, we have the jet stream sitting across northern california and we will see several storm systems passing by. here comes high pressure to save us in time for the end of the work week forecast. sunshine coming back. and cloud cover and all and all, a nice forecast as we look ahead to the up coming weekend. we will start with 44 in san rafael, and 39 in san jose wi
evening, i'm jeff ranieri, live in san jose, we are on the red carpet tonight and while the stars are getting last minute touches the films are getting cued up. we will talk stars on the red carpet and stars in the sky coming up in the full weather forecast in just a few minutes. >> an update on breaking news, reports of two officers shot, and possible y -- possibly a thd person. down below, you see two officers shot. george, what do we know at this moment? >> reporter: raj, we just got to the scene just minutes ago. we are on water street just north of where it all went down. we have confirmed from the nbc station that two officers have been shot and wounded. a can ksbw reporting that two people were taken away ambulance and right now their injuries are not known. there could be two -- a shooting happened near water street just after 3:00 this afternoon and it appears a man hunt is under way, a wide area has been blocked off. and literally, dozens of people. i'm looking at them right now, dozens of people are at the taped edge. we can see a police car and ambulance and fire truck
everyone to speak. >> hard work that they are doing there. jeff ranieri, talk about the end of wednesday and start of thursday. we are edging towards the end of the week. >> a lot of people will like the seven-day forecast. the warmest weather on 2013. a weak system passing off to the north. here is the interesting thing. it is producing green and not touching the ground. no measurable rainfall here. some of this moisture may help produce drizzle for tomorrow morning. we will tlak coming up. otherwise it's mild and upper 40s to near 50. let's get a live look in san francisco. you can see it's clear at the lower levels and not expecting major fog in san francisco for tomorrow, once again up against the coastline and areas of cloud cover. here we go. driest 2013 that we have seen on the record books. not only for january and february, but again for the past several weeks. we have the storm track off to the north and jet stream continues to keep all the activity across washington and oregon. here is the same problem. high pressure building offshore for friday and saturday to bring us the sl
. the incident that landed a passenger in jail. >>> and good evening. i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. cloud cover beginning to build in from the south. that's going to help to cool off that weekend forecast and even with numbers going down unhealthy air here for saturday, a spare the air alert in effect with the worst air quality in the bay. >>> twitter is the latest victim of hackers. last week's attack exposed user names. the company reset the pass words and note fade those people. twitter believes the attack was the work of professional hackers and was not an isolated incident. other companies and organizations have also recently been attacked. this weekend is all about new orleans. our investigative unit discovered in all the excitement about the new stadium, some important safety questions may have been missed. steven? >> reporter: while sports stadiums are located near large airports, the new 49ers stadium is somewhat unique. it's located less than three miles away and directly in the final flight path of san jose international airport raising some questions amon
. >>> and a warning for wine lovers. why the nice weather could cost you money. >>> good evening. i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. we are tracking some rare february heat. close to 80. south san jose at 75. and strap on that seat belt. some major changes coming our way it in the seven-day forecast including rain. i have it all for you coming up. >>> is it time to reconsider taking your pet on your next vacation? hundreds of animals have died, been hurt, or flat out disappeared while in the care of airlines since 2007. which carrier saw the most tragedies. a lot of people will be interested in this report. >> reporter: i'm sure, raj. and more pets died on delta than in the care of any other airline, but they're not the only carrier that's had problems. we found air travel can sometimes be deadly for a pet. >> he was my best friend. >> reporter: michael paid $650 to have bam-bam fly from miami to san francisco on united's pet safe program. >> they guarantee you that up pet will always be in acclimated surroundings. >> reporter: but he says during a layover in houston, he saw his
is dry. but things will be changing. let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri who is tracking some of our much leed needed rain that is heading our way. jeff? >> it's been a real disparity. we did have the cold front pass through today. mainly dry here for most of the bay area earlier today. it did result in some areas of drizzle and also mist right across the peninsula and also for parts of the east bay. that's what we'll continue to find at least for the next hour to two hours. however, yes, we are going to be getting in on more rainfall for tomorrow. as we head into 5:00 and 6:00 in the morning, it will be showery in nature. we're going to save some of the heaviest rainfall for 10:00 in the morning on tuesday. and we mentioned, we desperately need the rain. november and december producing nearly 7 inches of rain. so far in february just two days of rain totalling.11. we are way off the mark. we need it. this is much welcomed for the bay area, and i'll have more coming up. >> okay, jeff. and that rain might cause some problems for an east bay family. that family was enjoying
in jeff ranieri, our chief meteorologist. this is a fun weekend, and we're here. >> it's going to be really nice. we are going to get some clouds and then eventually we'll get some sun. right now it is cooling off in the north bay with 45 in novato. 45 in santa rosa. a little warmer in the south bay with 50 in san jose. but the biggest change, these over the past 6 to 12 hours has been the winds. they went from the dry offshore wind to now more of a southerly component. not only going to import cooler weather for the weekend, but look at this, for the first part of the weekend cloud cover moving from from the south. that's going to be shrouding up these the first part of your saturday. let's take you live outside our hd sky camera network. you can see poor air quality towards the bottom of the screen. but if you look straight up tonight, you're going to notice that increased cloud cover. also in san francisco, this isn't pollution at the lower levels. that's actually some stratus. that low-lying fog beginning to move into san francisco. and those city lights shining bright. pro
here at 11:00. >>> let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. today was supposed to be the 49ers' victory parade had they won the super bowl. i just want to say that. the rain stayed away. >> you see mother nature didn't agree. it was cloudy today. >> there you go. if we would have won, we would have managed some sunshine. >> let's get a look. the system we had earlier this morning is pushing off to the south. that's been the clear and cold conditions across the bay area. some of the coldest in the north bay. 45 in santa rosa. you're dropping to 48. that's about three to five degrees cooler than it was this time last night. let's get a check on our network on this tuesday. almost to the mid part of the week. you will see some low cloud toward the top of your screen. we'll be tracking that under some areas of patchy fog yet again. it is not bad here. we have that marine layer hugging the coastline. a check now in the pacific. we do have storm activity. it is just not as far south as we would like see the this time of year. there are several storm systems spiraling out but it wi
evening. i am chief meteorologist jeff ranieri in the weather center. looks nothing lake winter outside right now with an incredible view from memoriville. when rain returns coming up in a few minutes. >>> and a fiscal standoff in the south bay. how a fight over pay could end up having a big impact on public safety. >>> good wednesday evening. thanks for joining us. i'm janelle wang in for jessica aguirre. >> and i'm raj mathai. we begin with the biggest city, how much should san jose police officers be paid? the cops want a hefty raise and the city says it does not have the money. but there's more to this story. new details on the tense negotiations between the city and the police union. let's bring in kris sanchez from san jose city hall. kris? >> reporter: hi there, raj. the union says the city walked away from the negotiating table though the mayor says both sides are talking. he's also already called for an arbitrator and an arbitration date so this could be very tough negotiating. san jose has fewer than 1,000 police officers on the streets, the lowest level of staffing in years,
at the grapevine. caltrans and chp don't know hen this will open along the grapevine. >> let's go over to jeff ranieri. check in with him. the situation in southern california tough and on the east coast. >> if you're going anywhere in a plane, even if it's just going to be here in california, and it's going to be a slow go with a lot of the cancellations as you mentioned. also right now temperatures dropping out here. and pretty quickly, 39 in concord. 46 in novato. and down here into san jose, close to the 30s at this hour. 41 degrees. let's get you outside of the live hd sky camera network. we have lower level moisture showing up on the sky camera network, but it is all clear from the south bay right up to san francisco on the san bruno mountain camera shot. right towards the bay bridge, look at that. they're testing the bay lights tonight. i had a view of that in the city the past couple of nights as well that looks very spectacular. the camera shaking around. we have winds 5 to 10 miles per hour. it's only giving us a slight windchill tonight. talk about major windchill to the northeast.
evening. i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. temperatures continue to drop at this hour. right now some of the coldest weather in the north bay with napa at 43. who will hit 32, coming up in just a few minutes. >>> new at 11:00 tonight, a battle over a proposed development in contra costa county tonight, but not the kind you might think. this pits members of a rural community against a man who wants to build a cemetery, a cemetery big enough to accommodate 150,000 bodies. now the proposed site is along camino tassajara and highland road. terry? >> reporter: yes, this would be built right there on the san ramon/danville border. and it's been in the works for seven years. but watch out, because here comes the vote by the county to see if it gets the permit it needs. supporters say we need some place to bury our dead. opponents say the plan itself should be dead on arrival. >> the bottom line is i didn't move out here to be next to a cemetery. >> reporter: michelle ulric runs a 90-acre horse ranch on camino tassajara road. she loves the openness and watching the sunset behi
our attention to our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri who was walking the red carpet earlier tonight. welcome back to the studio. >> thank you so much. it was so hard to leave the red carpet. a lot of fun at the sinequest. 38 in nap pal. and san jose currently at 49. live sky camera network has clear skies down in the home of the cinequest festival. the mid part of the screen unlimited visibility across the south bay. also in san francisco we do have fog-free conditions and not expecting any kind of fog event for tomorrow. so let's get you into the current temperatures and what they're going to mean here as we head into tomorrow morning. we're going to see numbers starting off in the upper 30s for santa rosa. 38 in san rafael. also 35 in napa. 40 in san jose. and 39 in the almaden valley. by tomorrow afternoon, numbers are going to be going up, even getting a little warmer for some of you. gilroy expecting 70. 67 in los gatos. close to 70 in san jose and 69 in sunnyvale. for the east bay, temperatures also in the upper 60s to near 70 degrees here for a lot of the tri-valley. 69 in du
with chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. they look good together. it runses through march 10th. that's at the california theater? >> it was so fun out there. people were actually asking me what movie i was in. i had a little fun. i'd make movie titles up. >> yeah, own it. >> it was a good time. hopefully we'll get you two out there next year and really rock that red carpet. 11:19 now. looking great in san jose. high and midlevel clouds streaming in. looking pretty good. our temperatures are climbing. that storm track stays to our north as high pressure builds in. you will notice we've got this little area of high pressure, weak disturbance to our north. you'll notice that throughout the day today. let me tell you right now, once that sun sets tonight, approximately 5:59, it is going to be spectacular. get your camera ready. it will be one of those nights. if you want to hit the beach tonight, temperatures will be really comfortable. even in half moon bay and pacifica. closer to 70 in places like 66 degrees in concord, and 70 on the way for san jose. we want to spend a little time on
lady gives moms a run for their money in the video next. >> good afternoon, i'm jeff ra ranie ranieri, if you are making plans for the chinese new year parade, you can expect to bring the jacket and low temperatures in the 50s. i will have the weekend forecast coming up. >>> in interesting news before you hit the ski slopes, changing the law to protect your family, the new legislation comes in the wake of a new investigation. a ski safety bill was introduced at the state capitol. >> this after we looked into the potential risks on the mountain. we have been reporting on this issue for a year now. what is going on? >> we first looked at the issue last winter looking at ski lift safety. this year, we uncovered other revealing hazards alternative ski resorts and found that unlike other states california has little oversight when it comes to safety at ski areas. if passed the new bill would change that. >> and when there are injuries or deaths that should be a matterer of public record. >> it's information that we discovered most resorts have but do not tell you about. >> i want to know w
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